The pigs we breed on our property are Iberico pigs also known as “Pata Negra” pigs or “Credo Ibérico” in Spanish, known for their black skin, height and almost elegant stance compared to their pink brethren.

Iberico pigs originate from Spain, but are spread in south-western Spain (particularly Andalucia, Extremadura) and Portugal (Alentejo).

With the aim of higher quality less fatty meat we also introduced the pink pig, which proved to be a very successful combination.

Naturally we still differentiate the Iberico pigs from the crossbreeds, ensuring the highest quality pure Iberico pig known for its tender and nicely marbled rosy meat.

Our pigs live in accordance with their specie’s natural habitats and run free in our cork forests.
Not only does this form of keeping comply with the rules and regulations of our organic certification, it also enables us to consistently deliver the highest quality products to our customers.

Iberico pig at the sunset
Iberico pig at the sunset

The air-dried ham of the acorns fed Iberian pigs is a well-known Spanish specialty called Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (Iberian acorn ham) yet also referred to as Jamón de Pata Negra (Black Claw ham) due to their black skin.

We produce fresh meat once a month according to current demand, in packages of about 6 kg containing:
rib fillet, spare ribs, sauté, roast, sausage meat, escalope, offal on demand…

Each product is freshly cut, vacuum-sealed and individually labeled with a use-by date.

A professional and traceable monitoring system has been implemented as proof of our organic production process.

Since 2013 we also offer dried pork meat and dried sausages.

We also offer the possibility to order a piglet, suckling pig or a even a live pig.

Iberico pigs in the woods
Iberico pigs in the woods

We have a variety of transformed products based on pork meat such as dried sausages, ham, coppa, paté, rillettes, head paté, blood sausage with onions, etc.

For any further information please do contact us.