Olive oil

About 1’800 olive trees were newly planted several years ago and are maintained in accordance with the European guidelines for organic farming.

All olives are processed to olive oil “Vierge Extra”  French for “Extra Virgin”, which is the highest quality standard for olive oils and as with all our products, also certified organic.
We mainly use local French olives but also add Spanish and Italian varieties to give the oil its individually unique and special flavor.

Our sweet and fruity olive oil is a very tasty companion to most salads, fish or steamed vegetables.

Olivière olives ready to harvest
Olivière olives ready to harvest

Olive varieties grown on Le Mas Py

A typical olive tree from the Pyrenées-Orientales region of France, known for its resistance to cold.
While the percentage of oil content in this fruit rather low, it is compensated by its excellent oil quality and the large number of olives growing on each tree.
To further enhance harvested crops, the Olivière requires other kinds of olives for pollination (e.g.: Picholine, Arbequine).

A French olive cultivated in the region of Gard, Languedoc, which produces a fruity yet slightly bitter oil.

Grown mainly in Cataluña, these olives are small and do not easily fall from the trees, requiring a rather manual harvest compared to its cousins.

This is the most widespread type of olive as it accounts for approximately 50% of the Spanish and 20% of the world-wide production.
It’s roots are with the province of Jaénin Andalusia (91% of the crop). These olives provide a high-quality oil with a great stability and high acidity.
Picual distinguishes itself from other olives by its strong yet fruity flavor and is particularly rich in vitamin E.

Manzanilla is spanish and stands for “chamomile” in English and is the most widely used olive-to-eat in Spain.
It is both a famous sherry from Andalusia and the name of an olive variety which comes from Dos Hermanas Sevilla, Manzanilla.

Other varieties on our farm include: Frantoio, Carolea, Leccio

Olive oil selection
Olive oil selection

Olive oil Extra Vierge is sold all year long in bottle sets as well as single bottles in 0.50L and 0.25L.

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