The Mas Py is located 8 km outside the village of Céret, a small city famously known as “Cherry capital” and “Mecca of Cubism” with deep artistic roots attracting painters and sculptors, such as Pablo Picasso, Manolo Hugué, Juan Gris and George Braque, who made the city famous all over the world.
The area is full of cultural and historical sites, among which the Ermitage St. Ferréol, a 13th century chapel upgraded in the 18th century with an hermitage to provide accommodation for pilgrims. At 300m above sea level this chapel offers visitors a breathtaking view over the beautiful landscape.

The old farmhouse was built in the Aspres during the French Revolution, undergoing various developments over time from typical agricultural property to the production of cork and charcoal as well as a vineyard such as Muscat.

In 1956, France was hit with the coldest of its winters with frosty temperature well below -20°C, which ultimately decimated all olive trees in the area.

As a result the olive trees were replaced by more cold resistant cherry crops which in turn contributed to Céret’s reputation as Capital of cherries.

15 years ago we wanted to expand our existing plots, planting 4’500 trees of different varieties of cherries which now allows us to continuously harvest for about a month from mid-May to mid-June.

In recent years we have planted 1’800 olive trees in accordance with the ancestral traditions, using ancient olive trees of diversified kinds (regional, North Catalonia and Italy) that have survived the frost.

To further abide by the traditions and preserve the ecosystem we introduced the Catalan breeding donkeys, supporting the AFRAC (Asociación para el fomento de la Raza Asinina Catalana), while also breeding lambs and black Iberian pigs, all contributing to keeping woods and meadows clean, reducing the risk of fire.

Ever since we were certified organic in 1992, our motto is to respect nature and to maintain the natural symbiotic relationship between plants, animals and men.
The Aspres are arid, but offer a unique soil which contributes to the intense flavor of our products from oil, cherries, dried cherries, up to pork and lamb.

We invite you to discover our high quality organic products that reflect the soul of Mas Py.