With around 4’500 cherry trees planted on the property, these represent the main goods sold on this property.

We are growing and selling multiple varieties such as:

  •   Burlat
  •   Starking
  •   Van
  •   Picota
  •   Celeste
  •   Primulat
  •   Sunburst
  •   Summit

Fresh cherries

The harvest of cherries usually starts in the second week of May, depending on weather conditions and lasts about one month.
Therefore, fresh cherries can only be sold during this period of the year (approximately May to June).

Everyday fresh cherries are sold for importation and exportation all around Europe.


Fresh cherries are sold on the property during the harvest period in the following standard packages:

  • 5kg box
  • 500g basket
  • 250g basket

For any other quantities please contact us
(Prices are fixed during the harvesting time)

Dried cherries

In order to offer an innovative product we also process our organic cherries and dry them.

Fresh cherries are picked during the harvesting period, hulled and pitted. They are double checked after a certain amount of time of drying to ensure a kernel-free product as well as for quality reasons. The dried cherries can be sold all year long, as they have a long storage life due to their natural sugar content.

Famous chocolate makers, pastry chefs in France and Switzerland belong to our clients.
Our dried cherries can be used for baking, all sorts of desserts, as well as adding them to cereals or muesli.

Dried cherries
Dried cherries