About us

Our philosophy

Le Mas Pyholds both local and regional traditions in high esteem, from plantations to animal husbandry, from historical events with deep roots, all are taken into consideration to respect the surrounding’s culture.

As forest fires are a big issue in the region, they are a high priority for us and we are very cautious of them.
All the agricultural production is well maintained for both safety as and more efficient harvest times further preventing any risk on the property.

To ensure our meadows remain clean, further reducing risk of fire, as well as preserving a species in danger, we decided to introduce Catalan donkeys in our property.

The trees were not randomly planted, all over the property everything was calculated for a better production as well as on the esthetics of the landscape.

Le Mas Py is committed to organic farming, both in the plantations as well as the farm animals. It is one of the primary objectives of Le Mas Py to manufacture high-quality, tasty and healthy products and by selling them, we sharing our beliefs of sustained organic farming.

Consumers should be informed and given the opportunity to be able to get an idea about the local production of these quality products.

Our staff works as a team, are highly motivated and proud of the products manufactured and practice their work out of conviction.