The pigs we breed on our property are Iberico pigs also known as “Pata Negra” pigs or “Cerdo Ibérico” in Spanish. These are originally from Spain, but are spread in south-western Spain (particularly Andalucia, Extremadura) and Portugal (Alentejo).

We also implemented the pink pig, to have meat with less fat. This combination has been very successful, but we still differentiate the Iberico pigs from the ones we decided to “mix”. Therefore, we can still ensure pure Iberico pig for having tender and rosy meat which is nicely marbled.

The Iberico pigs are different from the pink domestic pigs, as they have black skin, are taller and almost elegant on their legs.
The air-dried ham of the Iberian pig which have been fed acorns is a well-known Spanish specialty called Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (Iberian acorn ham). Due to the black skin of the animals the ham is also known as Jamón de Pata Negra (Black Claw ham).

Based on the actual demand we produce fresh meat once a month. Packages of fresh meat are about 6 kg and are composed as follows: rib fillet, spare ribs, sauté, roast, sausage meat, escalope, offal on demand…
Each product is freshly cut, vacuum-packed and individually labeled with a use-by date.
There is a possibility to order a piglet, suckling pig or a pig alive.
A professional and traceable monitoring system has been implemented to proof our organic production process.
Since October 2013 we also sell dried pork meat and dried sausages, vacuum-packed individually and labeled.

Our pigs live appropriate to their species and are running free in our cork forests.  This form of keeping corresponds to the rules and regulations of our organic certification, adds a special flavor to the meat and ensures the consistent quality of each product.


Iberico pigs in woods

Iberico pigs in woods

Raw carved ham (pieces)                           48.00€/kg                                 Order now

Whole raw ham (boned)                            24.00€/kg                                  Order now

Raw carved ham (sliced) (120g)                  7.08€ (59.00€/kg)                    Order now

Dried pork (pieces)                                     42.00€/kg                                   Order now

Dried pork (sliced) (120g)                          5.88€   (49.00€/kg)                Order now

Sliced coppa                                             5.83€/kg (48.60€/kg)             Order now

Dried pork sausage (250g)                         7.00€ (28.00€/kg)                  Order now

Paté (180g)                                                   6.50€                                          Order now

Rillettes (180g)                                           6.50€                                          Order now

Head paté (290g)                                       8.50€                                         Order now

Blood sausage with onions (180g)                 4.90€                                         Order now

Pork  (tray of 6kg)                                        15.50€/kg                                 Order now

Or for any other amount please contact us


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