Member of the Catalan donkey association

For the maintenance of our cork oak forests we breed donkeys that are almost all from the Catalan race. The Catalan donkey is one of the great races within the species. Currently, we have about 20 donkeys on Le Mas Py.

Donkey herd

Donkey herd


Earlier the Catalan donkeys were used for working in the agriculture. Nowadays, due to the industrialisation, this race is threatened because more and more machineries are used in the agriculture.


The Association


We are a member of the AFRAC (Asociación para el fomento de la Raza Asinina Catalana) as we are convinced that the Catalan donkey is in danger and we do love animals. This association is committed to this specific breed in the whole Catalan area (the North in Spain and South in France). This community of interest with around 80 members (vets, breeders and other interested people) leads a breeding book with currently approximately 500 registered animals.

The Catalan donkey is one of the world’s tallest donkey. He has a strong stature but depending on the region and the breeders it can be a delicate animal.

Their fur is dark brown to black with bright (white) hair around the eyes, the mouth and the stomach.

Of course, due to the small amount of animals registered, the issue nowadays is the limited bloodlines. Therefore there is a risk of having the same donkey generation ancestors with different donkeys. To counteract the inbreeding the AFRAC has seven different approved stallions with distinct bloodlines that live together in Banyoles, Spain. The stallions can be borrowed, which leads to continuing the breed by minimising the risk of consanguinity. The Association also preserves sperm at the Veterinary Faculty of Barcelona to ensure the continuity of the breed.

Catalan donkeys

Catalan donkeys

We decided  to opt for local donkeys and to get involved in the Catalan donkey association for maintaining our landscape and against forest fires as a precautionary measure. We are a member of AFRAC and are selling Catalan donkey from time to time. We always like sharing our passion about this unassuming intelligent and sensitive animal worth getting to know.

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